Step by step – how to make your own Flax Seed Gel.

23 Mar

Greetings everyone;

Happy Spring!

Last night it was time to make another batch of my favourite hair care product – my famous flax seed gel. It’s super easy to make, cheap and all natural.

What you need:

– 1/4 cup raw flax seeds

– 1 cup water

– small saucepan and metal spoon

– small strainer or sieve

– empty clean container

Step 1:

Put 1 cup of water in your pot. (easy so far right?)

Step 2.

Add flax seeds to water and bring to a rolling boil on high.

Step 3.

Reduce heat to about 4 and continue to slowly boil until the seeds start to give off their gel. Stir with a metal spoon every few minutes to monitor consistency.

Step 4.

When gel-like consistency has been achieved, pour through strainer into your clean container.

Step 5. Discard seeds and leave your gel to cool.

Step 6: Optional. Add your favourite essential oil to the gel!

And there you have it. All natural and home made in under 30 minutes. Just use the same way you use any styling gel or mousse.

I would love to hear from you about this or anything else.

Until next time!


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