Product Test 2.5

15 Apr

I am very lucky that my husband is supporting me 100% in this endeavor. He has agreed to test whatever products are thrown his way. So – this month he is test driving an all natural shampoo for dry and flakey hair. The product I have chosen is Jason Tea Tree Oil Therapy Shampoo. It cost $8.29 for 517 ml and it smells incredible!!

By the way, my husband has been calling me a hippie for years. (you and your “hippie food” is heard quite often around here 🙂 Yesterday I told him that I take that as a compliment!

So, at the end of the month we’ll be reporting back on lip balms and this shampoo. In the meantime, I’m selecting May products and doing lots of reading, researching and tweeting! Won’t you join me on Twitter (@OttawaMommyProj)

As always, I love to hear from you with your comments and suggestions or collaborations!

Until the next time,


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