March Results – Liquid Hand Soap

2 Apr

Well it’s April 1st (Happy April Fools Day!!) and we’re all done testing hand soaps. In the month of March our family tried out three all natural hand soaps. Just to refresh your memory we used Green Beaver, Nature Clean and The Soap Works in place of our regular drugstore brands. Honestly, all three are wonderful soaps and we enjoyed them all! They all made a nice rich lather and cleaned our hands! Which one did we pick? Neither, and here is WHY!

Last week, I bought a bottle of Dr. Bronner Magic Castille Soap and decided to experiment.

I searched online for homemade liquid soap recipes and found one I liked. Unbelieveablely, it worked exactly as written and is absolutely wonderful. The key is to reuse a foaming hand wash dispenser. Basically, you mix water, castille soap and a little coconut oil together in a container and voila! Here is the link to the recipe on the blog of another Canadian Mom who is also greening her household. I will send a note of thanks shortly!

The best thing about the above solution is its cost effectiveness. Not only is it all natural and toxin free, but it more cost effective than any of the usual brands you buy at the stores – Dial, Life, Bath and Body Works etc.

I will be breaking down the cost of making a 250 ml bottle of this hand soap very soon so please stay tuned!

So, that’s it for our first product test! It was a success and we are looking forward to moving onto other products.

I would love to hear from you with your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Until the next time,


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